Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin


We add a fruity twist to our premium London Dry Gin by post-infusing it with sweet strawberries. The soft berry flavour is perfectly paired with classic notes of juniper and citrus to produce a finely balanced contemporary distilled gin with a hint of sweet strawberry.

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Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin
Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin

Perfect Serve

Strawberry Fizz

- Pour 25ml of Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin into a flute glass
- Top with chilled Prosecco
- Garnish with a fresh strawberry

Strawberry Martini

- Chill a martini glass
- Add 2 strawberries & a few sprigs of mint to a shaker and muddle
- Pour 50ml Benjamin Hall Strawberry gin
- Add a splash of dry vermouth and lots of ice
- Shake vigorously
- Strain into the chilled martini glass
- Garnish with a fresh strawberry