Benjamin Hall Blackberry Gin


Inspired by foraging for blackberries in the late summer hedgerow, we decided to enshrine this in a beautifully balanced gin. 70cl – 37.5% ABV
Vale Resort


Post Infused with blackberries gives this gin a burst of sweetness and a deep purple colour. Ripe blackberries on the nose with a touch of citrus follow through with juniper and warming cinnamon to leave you with refreshingly mellow honeysuckle and vanilla. Yum!

Perfect Serve

Blackberry Gin Bramble

- Muddle 2 blackberries in a glass
- Add half shot lemon juice
- Pour 3/4 shot sugar syrup
- Add ice
- Pour 50ml Benjamin Hall Blackberry Gin and stir
- Top with soda
- Garnish with fresh blackberries