Benjamin Hall London Dry Gin


Benjamin Hall London Dry Gin is a perfect reflection of the history that inspires it, with a flare of innovation. A true London Dry Gin, all 11 botanicals are added during distillation – never after – for a deeper flavour. A confident juniper front gives way to a burst of fresh citrus with a rich warming hint of cinnamon and star anise and rounded off with subtle creamy vanilla. 70cl – 37.5% ABV

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Vale Resort
Vale Resort

Perfect Serve

Grapefruit Supreme

- Add lots of ice to your chosen glass
- Pour 50ml of Benjamin Hall London Dry Gin
- Top with premium tonic
- Garnish with fresh pink grapefruit and a sprig of mint
- Squeeze a segment of the grapefruit skin over the glass to release the aromatic oils of the grapefruit

Pink Fizz

- Pour 25ml of Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin into a flute glass
- Top with chilled Prosecco
- Garnish with a strawberry