Hensol Castle Distillery is a family business with true family values.

Our M.D. Andy Mallows had years of experience in the spirits business and together with his son Rhys, had always dreamed of opening an independent distillery in South Wales that produced the finest quality gins and spirits. Stephen Leeke, our Chairman and owner of the Vale Resort and Hensol Castle; was always open to new and innovative business ideas and saw the potential in their idea and within days, a deal was done to convert the cellars of Hensol Castle into a distillery, bottling plant, visitor experience and gin school. 




We are lucky enough to be located in the stunning Hensol Castle which is rich in history and heritage. Dating back to the early 1400s, Hensol Castle has left its mark in history books from its early days to the present time. 


We really love what we do and maintaining and sharing our strong family values is important to us. We want our team and colleagues, suppliers, visitors and customers to have fun and enjoy themselves.

We believe in creating moments and our tasty spirits reflect our values being created with passion, integrity as well as respect both for the environment and responsible drinking.


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