We’re Going Green!

Hensol Castle Distillery’s newest move to sustainability.

Here at Hensol Castle Distillery, we’re all for being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. You may already know, but we currenty re-use and reycle our empty gin bottles to create  our stunning Hensol Castle Candles – but now we need your help!

If you’ve found yourself polishing off your Hensol Castle Gin, we’re asking you to not throw away your bottle! Simply bring it down to us either at Hensol Castle Distillery or the Vale Resort, and in exchange as a big “Thank-you” we’ll give you £5 off your next purchase of Hensol Castle Gin!*

You can redeem it either in person by providing your voucher on the day, or simply keep it and enter the discount code online when you’re ready to re-purchase!

The returned bottles will then get given to our friends over at The Happy Hour Candle Company who will repurpose these to create our luxurious Hensol Castle Candle. 

Carefully hand-poured into the distinctive Hensol Castle Welsh Dry Gin bottles, the Hensol Castle Gin Candle uses 100% essential oils and a plant-based wax made from coconut and rapeseed oils.

The candle has a net weight of approximately 500g, an average of 90 hours burn time and are priced at £30.00 each. To get your hands on this luxe candle, created by our friends at Happy Hour Candle Company.

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