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Meet the team – Kyle Jones

We want you to see what goes on behind the scenes at Hensol Castle Distillery, and meet the people who make it!

Meet Kyle Jones, one of our skilled distillers who you may recognise if you have been to on one of our gin experiences.  

Kyle Jones

What attracted you to work at Hensol Castle Distillery?

Hensol Castle Distillery is a seriously impressive site from the location to the facilities. It has a wealth of potential to be a serious heavy hitter in both spirits production and visitors experience, not just in wales but the UK. It’s a seriously exciting place to be a part of and I’m looking forward to seeing it’s growth in the next few years!

What is your experience in the gin industry?

I’ve worked as a bartender for close to 10 years all over the world. From 5 star hotel bars to dive bars and along the way I’ve developed a serious passion for fine spirits. Finally getting a close insight into the production while managing a distillery bar I fell in love with the craft of making gin. Several years later and after boring every family member to death with constant talk about alcohol, all parties are very glad I get to do what I love as a profession.

Can you explain the distillation process and /or botanicals?

I could, but it would be almost impossible to portray my gleaming smile and outstanding chat via text, and what’s an explanation without that?!

What’s your favourite part of about the distilling process?

The hands-on approach from developing recipes to tasting the progression of the botanicals coming off the still to the final bottled product and seeing it on shelves. No better feeling than seeing something that has passed through your hands on many levels as a final product being enjoyed by everyone.

Where do you see gin going in the next 5 years?

Year after year there’s been many a speculation about what ‘the next gin craze’ will be. Gin continues to be a growing product and some international markets are only just catching wind of the booming trade we have in the UK. Gin is a fantastically versatile spirit and gives producers such a vast wealth of ingredients to play with, from wild, locally foraged botanicals to exotic ingredients from overseas. Pair that with a booming market and genuinely curious and conscious consumers then you have the foundations for a spirit category that will flourish for an incredibly long time!

What can visitors expect if they visit the distillery for a tour / tasting?

A seriously impressive castle, a chance to learn some serious knowledge nuggets from people who live and breathe distilling. All done in a slightly less serious format and sprinkled with an array of bang average humor. Each tour will be slightly different from the next, too! In which case you may as well do several, I’d say at least 3!

What is your perfect serve?

I’m a big fan of a classic gin martini. A good quality dry gin, equally good vermouth and a twist of lemon. Done well, you really can’t beat it!

What is your perfect pairing?

Once again, simple is best. I personally like to go with dry gin with a light tonic, slice of grapefruit and an absolute wealth of ice!

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Caffeinated, Charming, Complex

Your perfect weekend consists of….?

Good food, good Booze, good company!

Your favourite place to eat out?

La Pantera, Cardiff

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