Hensol Castle Whisky Update

‘’Making great Whisky truly is the pinnacle of a distillers quest’’

Today’s been a great day for the distillers & team at Hensol Castle Distillery.  Having rested 2 barrels on the 23rd of February this year, the distillers will be popping the bungs every 6 months to have a progress tasting.  
 Already achieving a golden colour and all the attributes of our new make whisky, softened by an ex bourbon barrel.  Barrel 1 delivered notes of pungent dried fruit, vanilla, caramel and palatable wine like tannins.  Another barrel yet to pop, the distillers will make important notes which will be reviewed again every 6 months.
 The distillers, although confident in this liquid and their ability, will be sending samples for tasting and feedback to some key contacts from Scottish distilleries in the coming days.

Finishing this liquid in a different type cask before the release is undecided, and will be decided before the last 12 months of ageing based on it’s 2 year old taste profile.  The bottling strength will also be decided close to it’s 3 year journey, again, chosen by taste and expert feedback.



Our Master Distiller & his team have being working tirelessly with Head Brewer Mark Gammons & his team from Tiny Rebel, to create the perfect Mash for our single malt Whisky.

In short, our Master Distiller has created a beer wash recipe with the consultancy of team Tiny Rebel, that has now been expertly distilled at Hensol Castle Distillery. 

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