The famous on trend drink that we all know and love today was once originally known as ‘Mother’s Ruin’ in the mid 18th Century. The Dutch created a medicinal alcohol using Juniper as the main ingredient. Originally named 'Genever' and later shortened to 'Gin' it was the cheapest alcohol option for the poor at that time, and was consumed as an alternative to beer and wine which most people couldn’t afford. Mother’s would do anything to get their hands on the much loved spirit of today and hence the name Mother’s Ruin.

So with Mother's Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you can ‘ruin’ your Mum and show her just how much she means to you. If you’re stuck for ideas, look no further! Give her a gift that she won’t forget with one of our gin experiences at Hensol Castle Distillery.


Gift Vouchers

Gin Making Experience (Thurs) - £95 per person

Gin Making Experience (Fri – Sun) - £110 per person

Gin Making Experience for Two (Thurs – Sun /
Two people sharing one still and one 70cl bottle of gin) - £150 

Gin Tour (Thurs – Sun) - £25 per person


Gin Tour

At one of our gin tours you will have a guided tour around Hensol Castle Distillery, learning about the history of gin and of course Hensol Castle itself. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to explore our sensory botanical room that houses over 150 unique botanicals. You'll also get the chance to taste some delicious gins at our beautiful bar with a tutored gin tasting.


Gin Making Experience

If you think the tour might not be enough for your gin loving Mum, why not book a gin making experience? You will experience all of the exciting parts of our gin tour whilst also having the opportunity to create your own personal gin using our unique collection of botanicals.